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About Nancy Oswald 

Nancy Oswald loves researching and writing historical fiction books for young readers. She has, however, written in a variety of genres including personal interest pieces, children’s plays, poetry, educational research, and non-fiction articles. Oswald spent her growing up years in Denver, but she has lived as an adult in rural Colorado and the outback of British Columbia where she taught in a one and a two room school. She taught for 20 years in rural Colorado and is now retired.  She currently lives with her husband and their dogs, cats, cows, chickens, and donkey on a family ranch near Cotopaxi, Colorado.  Daisy, the donkey, is a model for the fictional character, Maude Oliver in the Ruby and Maude Adventures and has a Facebook page she’d love you to like. 


  • Edward Wynkoop: Soldier and Indian Agent
  • Hard Fact Moon
  • Insects in the In Field
  • Nothing Here but Stones
  • Rescue in Poverty Gulch
  • Trouble On the Tracks